We are leading homeware company from Calicut. With 10 years of experience in the homeware industry, we offer a complete portfolio with 10,000+ homeware products in multiple categories with a multi-level positioning approach.

Kitchenware includes wide range of kitchen items which an ordinary kitchen should have. It includes Spoons, Frying pan, Microwave Owen, Gas burner, Tea-kettle, Rack and Trays, Plate Basket, cups, plates and many other items from simple and ornate and anything that falls in between there is a range of options to choose from. Some people like to decorate their kitchen with all equipments or tools, doesn’t matter if they use all of them very often. Kitchenware includes so many products and variety that if you go to buy all of them it might cost you a lot so it’s not necessary to have everything in your kitchen including things that you don’t touch for years.

Apart from ordinary kitchen items i.e. cups, mugs and plates Electronic products are also much used in kitchen like Electric Owen, Blender, Toaster, Meat mincer and other wide range of Electronic kitchen items. Pressure cooker is fabulous addition in kitchenware which has reduced the cooking time upto to 75%. For chopping vegetables or meat you need to have good quality knives that are sharp and design to last but if you have cheap knives it will take much time in chopping. Blender and graters are somewhat alternative to knives and can speed up food preparation.


We Offers A Wide Range Of Induction Cookware & Nonstick Kitchenware Specially Recommended By Our Bestest Chef. Shop For All-clad Cookware And Non-stick Cookware At Us.

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From Breakfast Cereals To Candlelit Dinners, Our Wide Choice Of Dinnerware Has Everything Covered. It Combines Practicality With Style, So Your Table Always Has Your Personal Touch.

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Whatever You’re Drinking, We Have The Glassware To Suit It. Our Glasses And Jugs Give You A Big Choice Of Styles And Patterns. Make Every Occasion More Personal And More Stylish.

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